Bin Checker For American Express Assists Merchants In Validating Credit Cards

Before delving into the ‘BIN checker for American Express’ subject, we are going to take a look at what the BIN checker facility is exactly, and which factors govern it.

At its core, the BIN checker system works to resolve all the queries related to looking up details about a BIN number. These details are already stored and made available upon request in a BIN numbers database.

What does the BIN number list and BIN checker software represent? Why are people using it as a standard? To answer these commonly asked questions, read the following description carefully…

For each and every credit card, debit card and electronic charge, the first 6 digits of the entire numbers string are the BIN numbers. These numbers individually represent a special coded segment for the card type, where it originates from, which bank issued it – and so on and so forth.

With a more sophisticated BIN checker program, the end user gets to know a lot of other details that don’t come along with software of a general or trial nature. However, seeing that this specific information isn’t exactly the center focus of this article, we’ll move onto explaining the BIN checker for American Express.

What is BIN Checker For American Express?

BIN checker for American Express cards is nothing more than a special category of the first 6 numbers, which supposedly identifies all kinds of cards that were ever made under the tutelage of American Express. We use the word “supposedly” here because despite the state-of-the-art security, there are still times when someone will manage to pull a scam or fraudulent activity at a massive level.

However, ever since BIN checker software and BIN number lists came into existence, the overall degree of cybercrime has been reduced by a significant percentage. Only at seldom times will banks witness someone relating to a credit card horror story – in most cases, it is the card owner who is at fault due to a rally of careless mistakes on his/her part.

How BIN Checker For American Express is Assisting Merchants?

It isn’t really a matter of discussing everything in the context of American Express cards. Any good BIN checker website or online service can cover a lot more than a particular card category. In general, seeing to the massive volume of record and diversity stored in only one BIN numbers database, a person can expect to see details concerning:

-Stored value of the card
-Overall electronic benefit transfer
-Last few transactions – where and when
-Card issuing bank and intermediary bank details
-Card issuing bank website and address

Online merchants and ecommerce business owners have already set up a system behind their websites that checks whether the card qualifies for a potential fraud or illegitimate activity. If so, the transaction is rejected. Sometimes the matter is reported to concerned authorities if deemed relevant.

Great credit card offer

The new offer includes the Abbey; 0 percent on balance transfers for 13 months 5 percent cash expenditure on supermarket, until July 31, 2008, for new customers The cash offer has been extended until March 31 for existing customers

The zero per cent on balance transfers for 13 months is available on 3 December for all new customers credit card. Abbey has also extended the popular supermarket cash offer new customers – a request for the opening of the Abbey credit card can get refunds until the end of July, and existing customers until the end of March. five percent return applies to the first 1000 the value of purchases from large supermarkets bought Abbey with a credit card. Managing Director of the Abbey credit cards, Roger Lovering, said: “Our cash rear proved to be very popular and therefore we decided to extend the offer for both customers new and existing. Those who have already signed with the offer we will be extended until the end of March, giving them more time to reach their limit of cash. New customers have until the end of July. “For those who prefer to use their cards to manage debts, we offer a competitive 13-month interest-free period onbalance transfers. This is part of our strategy to increase their market share and keep. The cash offer was welcomed as innovative, and we have more new ideas for next year. This is the model that uses Santander and one we know will strengthen our position as a serious challenger for the “four”.

Virginia writes for the Virgin credit card. is still one of the best UK credit cards and offers 0% on balance transfers. The Virgin credit card could be the perfect solution if you have other credit card balances to transfer. Get 0% on balance transfers for 20 months! With the Virgin credit card, you could get an instant decision today!

Tips For Being A Wise Credit Card Owner

Take advantage of the freebies offered by your credit card company. Many companies have some sort of cash back or points system that is attached to the card you own. When you use these things, you can receive cash or merchandise, just for using your card. If your card does not offer an incentive like this, call your credit card company and ask if it can be added.

Be sure to check the activity on your credit card regularly, to make sure that there are no suspicious charges being made on it. If someone has stolen your information and is using your card without your permission, you want to catch this as soon as possible. If you see suspicious activity, contact your credit card company right away.

Want a credit card that gives you frequent flyer miles or cash back? Many people are a sucker for the frequent flyer miles, and that is a good program. Some companies offer both. If you have to make a decision, go with the cash back option. It is a much more lucrative deal, and it will benefit you much more as a whole.

Credit cards should always be kept below a specific amount. This total depends on the amount of income your family has, but most experts agree that you should not be using more than ten percent of your cards total at any time. This helps insure you dont get in over your head.

You should consider creating a strict budget for your credit card spending. Each month you should compare your earning to your expenses. You should set limits on your credit card spending that will still allow you to save money each month. Living off of credit cards is very detrimental to anyones credit.

The frequency with which you have the chance to swipe your credit card is pretty high on a daily basis, and only seems to grow with every passing year. Making sure that you are using your credit cards wisely, is an essential habit to a successful modern life. Apply what you have learned here, in order to have sound habits when it comes to using your credit cards.

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The Lowdown on the Toys R Us Credit Card

Designed for users equipped with a good credit rating, the Toys R Us Visa Platinum Card offers cardholders great rebates. With a 4% rebate for Toys R Us and Babies “R” Us store purchases plus no annual fee, this card is ideal for parents intending to enjoy great savings, while still getting that toy which their children have been asking for.

Purchases made with the Toys R Us Visa Platinum Card at, or anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted receive a 1% rebate for each transaction. When the rebate values reach $10, the cardholder will then be sent certificates that can be used to redeem for products at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores, as well as through their websites. The certificates will expire after one year but the amount of rebates that can be earned is limitless.

Now we get to the dirt. For a Platinum card, the Toys R Us Credit Card doesnt provide any exclusive perks on top of the usual benefits which are also by other cards. The APR is also relatively higher for less qualifying applicants, with the 0% APR intro period dependent on your credit history. The real stinker is the way finance charges are determined, which is the “Two Cycles Average Daily Balance” method which results in higher interest payable than the usual Average Daily Balance configuration.

Nevertheless, this should not be a hindrance to you if you have good payment habits, a great credit score and continue to be financially responsible. With this, the interest tabulation will have minimal effects on your costs of using the Toys R Us Credit Card. Otherwise, it may be better for you to get alternate cards which utilize a better way of tabulating interests.

Overall, the Toys R Us Credit Card would be suitable for you if you plan to make a lot of purchases at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores in addition to taking advantage of that 4% rebate. Otherwise there may be better Platinum Cards out there for you.

You Should Have Great Online Credit Card Choices And Information

Our lifestyle today can be hectic and fast-paced, which limits our time, to accomplish our daily activities. That makes our need for e-commerce and technology more necessary than ever. Their combined power makes it easy to apply for a credit card online. If you have decided to apply online for a card, you will fill in an application form at the website of the credit card company. When you do, there are a few things you may want to consider as you apply for your new card:

1. The website should give you access to credit cards from all major banks including: Chase, Discover, CitiBank, American Express, Advanta…

2. The website should allow you to make credit card comparisons.

3. Information about each credit card should be explained in detail so you know the apr, balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, fixed apr, annual fees and so on.

4. You should make sure the website you visit is professionally designed and has the card applications on a webpage starting with “https”. “Https” in the url means the website is secured by a reputable company.

5. You may also want to consider the type of card you want to have, i.e. gas card, airline card, reward card…

The application form you will fill out online is very similar to the one you would fill out at the bank, and the application processing method is basically the same. Credit card issuers encourage you to apply for credit cards online so they may save money on salaries, customer service, time, paper and more. Plus, when you apply online for a credit card, your information smoothly flows into the database of the credit card issuer. Usually, this leads to faster processing of your credit card application and often if you apply online for a credit card, the card you applied for will arrive to your mailbox much faster than it would arrive if you had applied in person for a card. Further, if you apply online for a credit card, you do not waste time physically approaching one credit card company at a time, instead you can compare many different cards and card issuers at one website. That will save you a great deal of time finding the right credit card.

Applying for a credit card online is a great way to get a credit card, however when you compare cards make sure you choose the one that will benefit you most.

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